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Midjourney V6 Updates: Zoom, Pan and Inpainting Arriving Next Week!

Hey everyone, welcome back to our weekly Midjourney office hours update!

Exciting news coming your way next week — get ready for the much-anticipated Zoom, Pan, and Inpainting features!

But that’s not all; Midjourney has also recently rolled out some awesome enhancements to the website, upscale, improved image quality, language comprehension, and better text!

Let’s get into the details!

Midjourney V6 Alpha Upgrade🔥

After refinements, v6 will become the default Midjourney model later this month. Key features like inpainting and outpainting will arrive as well.

Recent Midjourney Changes — Upscale

The upscaler has been updated to significantly reduce artifacts, resulting in fewer blur and noise issues.

This means that your images will now maintain their quality even after upscaling.

Core V5.2 Features Arrive Next Week 🎨

Beloved tools like Zoom, Pan, and Inpainting hit v6 as early as next week. This brings major quality-of-life improvements.

  • Inpainting: Enable removing unwanted elements or changing parts of an image.

  • Pan and Zoom: Provide more control over an image’s crop and perspective.

Style Consistency Coming Before Character 🎨

Style consistency that maintains aesthetics across prompts lands soon. Character consistency follows afterward.

Style Consistency

  • Allows generating multiple images of the same subject while retaining the style.

  • Replicate a Style: It will function similarly to an image prompt, but instead of replicating the content, it will replicate the style.

How exciting is that!

Ongoing Model Tuning 🎨

More refinement continues as v6 transitions from beta to alpha testing.

New Style Tuner 🎨

A rebuilt-style tuner is also nearing release. It is currently underway and will be a completely new style tuner compared to the previous version.

Bringing forth a new Style Tuner to ensure consistent styles across prompts

Midjourney Website Update 💻

They have been doing updates and improvements to the site during the past weeks. Here are some of the cool new features to check out:

New Features

  • Search Bar Relocated: It has been moved to always appear on the top of the page

Under “My Images”

  • Added Filter: Way more options to filter your images

  • View Customization: Added view options to change how images are displayed

  • Bulk Download: You can ‘click and drag’ to select many images for bulk downloading or bulk publish/unpublish

  • Smart Folder: You can create folders and smart folders to organize your images

Under “Explore"

AI Moderator: It is added to ensure that the content displayed is extra safe and clean.

Midjourney Alpha Site ⭐️

For people who have accessed the alpha page, you will be able to generate images under the tab “Create”.

With the new create page, image generation is now more convenient, especially when rerunning prompts and making minor tweaks.

In February

The main aim is to

  • Polish and refine everything to perfection.

  • The AI moderation capabilities will be significantly enhanced, providing a safer and more enjoyable experience for all our users.

The Alpha site is going to be open for lots more people to join in ! 👏🏻

👉🏻 What’s Next

Video 🎥

Video generation is in active development

The initial video features are nearing release in a basic version. These features will likely be limited and may be connected to an image upscaler, with minimal control available to the user.

Midjourney V7

V7 will bring large improvements to prompting accuracy.

🎎 Niji 6

Niji 6 is set to be released soon!🥳

Meanwhile, the Niji team is hosting a game called “Similarity” to get warmed up for niji 6 release! ! The game is simple: try to generate a picture that matches the picture you see!

Check out Niji Discord and have fun!

Final Thoughts

Get ready for some awesome upgrades from Midjourney coming up soon! They’re aiming to roll out major updates every 3–4 months, so you can expect some cool new features this month.

I hope you enjoy exploring the V6 alpha version this year! I’m looking forward to the final V6 release! 🥳

Stay tuned for more updates!

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