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Ultimate Guide to Using Midjourney Website Alpha! 💻

Image Generation, Batch download and Smart Organisation with Ease! 

Exciting News! Midjourney Website Alpha is available for users who have generated over 1000 images! As the website stabilizes, it will be accessed to more existing members. 

With Midjourney new website, you can now create and organise image, reuse images and prompts and get inspired! 

 Today, let me share how to can fully utilise the features on the website! 

Translucent dreamy computer

Midjourney Website

There are three main sections on the website: 

Midjourney alpha website

1. Explore

  • Get Inspiraton: Images are places in Random/Hot/Top/Likes

  • Images Created from Other Users: You can reuse the prompt or even image as an image prompt easily. Learn how to do that in later section.

2. Create

  • Image Creation: Easily generate images and reuse prompts. Now, you can generate images on the Midjourney website with the textbox located on the top.

3. Archive

  • Organize: Group and organize images easily

  • View Customization: Layout and image size

  • Filters: Filter images with options like image size, version, type or more

Today, let me share with you the way to work with the Alpha Midjourney Website in to create and organise images

  • Section One: Create

  • Section Two: Archive


Section One: Create

1. Image Generation

You can now create images easily on the website with the Imagine textbox located on the top part of the website.

Image generation with Midjourney website

How to generate an image on the Midjourney Website?

  • Step 1: Go to the “ Imagine” textbox

  • Step 2: Type in words that describe the image you want to create, you can type a general description or be more specific adding styles and details.

  • Step 3: Adjust parameters

  • Step 4: Press “Enter” and your images will be generated

Change parameter on Midjourney website

The website allows you to adjust the parameters easily including

  • Aspect Ratio: Image size

  • Mode: Standard/Raw

  • Version: Midjourney version

  • Stylization: Application of Midjourney’s default aesthetic style.

  • Weirdness: Adds unusual aesthetics.

  • Variety (Chaos): Unusual and unexpected results.

  • Speed: Relax/Fast/Turbo

The images you created will then appear down below. 

2. Further Customization

You also have the option to perform the following actions without needing to upscale an image:

. Further Customisation on Midjourney website

Once you go into the lightbox, you can access more functionalities

  • Vary ( Subtle & Strong )

  • Upscale (2x/4x/Sutble/Creative)

  • Remix (Sutble/ Strong)

  • Pan ( Up/Down/Left/Right)

  • Inpainting ( Vary Region )

  • Rerun or Use: Prompt

  • Change AR: For Change aspect ratio

Change AR

If you have read my recent updates on Midjourney, you will know that the “Change AR” allow you to change the asepct ratio easily with the dragging bar on Midjourney website.

Change aspect ratio on Midjourney website

A change in aspect ratio of image created with Midjourney

3. Image Prompt & Blend Made Easy

With the Midjourney website, you can prompt easily with images with blend and image prompts.

Blend: The blend command allows you to upload 2–5 images and merge the aesthetics.

With the website now, you can easily upload a photo:

  • Step 1. Press the “+” icon

  • Step 2. Choose a file or drop a file

Midjourney website tutorial for blend, add images with the "+"

Alternatively, you can directly drag and drop images that you created directly to the “ Imagine” textbox.

 Midjourney website tutorial: Drag and drop images that you created directly to the “ Imagine” textbox
Two lion wizard. On the left is a blue one, on the right side is a red one

Click “ Create”

Here is the result of blending two images.

A surreal lion wizard

⭐️ Extra: User other’s Images

You can even use others’ images easily for “blend” or as an “image prompt” simply by dragging the image into the textbox like what I show you above.

Drag image directly to textbox created from other users on Midjourney website

4. Style References

You can do the same with Midjourney V6 New “Style References” by including a URL or dragging the image. 

Step 1: Copy the URL of the Image

Upon generating a new image, right-click to access the URL of the image or Copy Image URL from the lightbox.

Midjourney website style references demonstration. Copy Image URL

Step 2: Include the URL with the parameter "--sref"

Add the URL after the command --sreflike this below

Text prompt on Midjourney website

Extra: Image Prompt with Style References

You can also include an image prompt together with style reference.

Text prompt + Image prompt on Midjourney website

👉🏻 How to tell if you use an Image Prompt or Style References?

There will be a pin 📌 if the image is used as a “Style References” 

There will be a pin 📌 if the image is used as a “Style References” 


Section Two: Archive

1. Batch Download and More

You can now select more than one image at a time and download them in batch or take more action like “Like, Hide or Add to Folder.” 

Batch download on Midjourney Website

2. Create a Folder for Organization

The Midjourney website allows for creating folders for categorisation.

  • Step 1: Head over to “ Archive”

  • Step 2: Select “Organise” from the top right corner

  • Step 3: Select “ Folder” and click “Create Folder”

Create a folder on.Midjourney website

  • Step 4: Select “ Smart Folder”

  • Step 5: Input the keywords used in your prompt in “Search Terms” , take for example “ Isometric”

  • Step 6: Give it a Title

Smart folder on Midjourney website

  • Step 7: Create Folder

Create folder using Midjourney website

3. View and Filter Customization

You can now have more options when filtering images to customize the view

View and Filter Customization on Midjourney website

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