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How to Use Midjourney Website

Updated: May 9

Welcome back, my creative readers! I have some exciting updates to share about recent improvements made to Midjourney Alpha website. Based on user feedback, they’ve streamlined the modes into more focused create and archive sections.

In this post, I’ll guide you through the new archive menu layout, added filters and view customizations, and the long-awaited folder feature for organization.

Translucent computer dreamy surreal lanscape

Midjourney Website Alpha🌟

Alpha is available for users who have generated over 10k images. To check your image generation number, use /info

The create mode received a minor tweak — the search bar was relocated for better visibility. However, the archive mode underwent more significant renovations.

Here are some of the cool new features to check out:


  • Image Generation: Easily generate images and reuse prompt

  • Get Inspiration: Not only can you get inspiration from other users, but you can reuse their prompt or even image as an image prompt easily.

  • Relocated Search Bar


  • Smart Folder: Group and locate images according to keywords

  • View Customization: Layout and image size

  • Added Filters: Filter images with more options


  • AI Moderator: It is added to ensure that the content displayed is extra safe and clean.

Midjourney website

Today, let me share with you the new ways to work with the Midjourney website in — sections

  • Section One: Create

  • Section Two: Archive

Section One: Create

1. Image Generation

As many of you may know, you can now create images easily on the website with the Imagine textbox located on the top part of the website.

Ever since I started creating on the Midjourney website, I seldom go back to Discord. It’s just so convenient!

Midjourney website

How to generate an image on the Midjourney Website?

  • Step 1: Go to the “ Imagine” textbox

  • Step 2: Type in words that describe the image you want to create, you can type a general description or be more specific adding styles and details.

  • Step 3: Adjust parameters

  • Step 4: Press “Enter” and your images will be generated

Midjourney website filter settings

The website allows you to adjust the parameters easily including

  • Aspect Ratio: Image size

  • Mode: Standard/Raw

  • Version: Midjourney version

  • Stylization: Application of Midjourney’s default aesthetic style.

  • Weirdness: Adds unusual aesthetics.

  • Variety (Chaos): Unusual and unexpected results.

  • Speed: Relax/Fast/Turbo

Midjourney website create page

The images you created will then appear down below. You will also be able to view the processing time.

2. Make Variation and Upscale

You also have the option to perform the following actions without needing to upscale an image:

  • Create Variations

  • Upscale

  • Rate

Midjourney website create page settings

The Midjourney website also makes it easier to use your prompt and images by allowing you to:

  • Use Prompt

  • Use Image

  • Rerun Prompt

Midjourney website create page settings

3. Image Prompt Made Easy

With the Midjourney website, you can prompt easily with images with blend and image prompts.

Blend: The blend command allows you to upload 2–5 images and merge the aesthetics.

With the website now, you can easily upload a photo:

  • Step 1. Press the “+” icon

  • Step 2. Choose a file or drop a file

Midjourney website upload images
Blending two images on Midjourney website

Alternatively, you can directly drag and drop images that you created directly to the “ Imagine” textbox.

Click “ Create”

A wizard and a lion

Here is the result of blending two images.

Combining two images together, lion and wizard

⭐️ Extra: User other’s Images

You can even use others’ images easily for “blend” or as an “image prompt” simply by dragging the image into the textbox like what I show you above.

Midjourney website, use other's website

Section Two: Archive

1. Create a Folder for Organization

This is one of the highly requested features. The Midjourney website now allows for creating folder for categorisation.

  • Step 1: Head over to “ Archive”

  • Step 2: Select “ Create Folder”

Midjourney website, Create Folder

  • Step 3: Select “ Smart Folder”

  • Step 4: Input the keywords used in your prompt in “Search Terms” , take for example “ Isometric”

Midjourney website, smart folder

  • Step 5: Give it a Title

  • Step 6: Create Folder

  • You can then access your images conveniently

Midjourney website, categorisation

2. View and Filter Customization

You can now have more options when filtering images to customize the view

Midjourney website, view and filter

To wrap up

The website aims to evolve into a hub for Midjourney fans, with David emphasizing the goal of transforming Midjourney into a community rather than just a tool.

More website upgrade is set to be released this year. Stay tuned!

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