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Midjourney V6 Upgrades Bring New Describe, Consistent Characters and Better Text 🚀

Welcome guys! It’s another round of quick updates from Midjourney. 

Midjourney has recently introduced an exciting new feature — The Style References” feature that allows you to replicate a style and maintain the aesthetic easily.

This time, be prepared for the release of the NEW ” describe” and improvements including increased coherence, better text and performance upgrades

Let’s see what new features are coming 🔥

a zodiac sign style art of owl

Midjourney V6 Upgrade🔥

V6 will become the default Midjourney model soon

Among the key upgrades are significantly better text rendering, coherency, and prompt accuracy. Creations will also showcase more realistic details like hands and improvements: 

  • Better Text Generation with better texture

  • Better Prompting and Coherence

  • Slight Aesthetic Improvement

  • Optimizations for Improved Performance


A new /describe — Coming Next Week 🎨

The Midjourney team is working on an entirely brand-new /describe feature.

  • It will be more powerful and accurate than before.

  • 📅 Estimated Release: This week or early next week

A futuristic girl with a dragon

Character Consistency 🎨

The consistent character system is currently in development. It will: 

  • Function similarly to Style References with the --crefargument

  • Enables users to modify colors and backgrounds while maintaining a consistent character.

  • Users may have the option to specify which elements of the image they want to maintain consistency, such as color, clothing, or facial features

📅 Estimated Release Date: It will take several weeks more. Simpler versions will be attempted first with potential future changes and version management

New Style Tuner — Upcoming V6.1🚀

A rebuilt-style tuner is also nearing release. It is currently underway and will be a completely new style tuner compared to the previous version.

It will work like a “Model Tuner” and will enable 

  • Greater Customization over generated images.

  • More Personalization

Be prepared to see other enhancements like a new turbo mode and a Control-Net-like feature 

📅 Estimated Release: 1–2 months

A translucent computer

💻 Midjourney Website - Outpainting and Inpainting Features are here

They are working to create a smoother and more intuitive creation flow for generating AI art.

Eligibility Expansion:

  • The MidJourney Alpha website is now accessible to users with over 1K generations soon next week.

  • Check how many images you’ve made with /info

  • You can access the site here:

Midjourney alpha website

Outpainting and Inpainting 🎨

  • Introduction of outpainting features “Zoom”, “Pan” and “Vary Region”on the web platform

  • Change AR: Custom Zoom is now called “Change AR” where you can use a dragging bar to adjust the ratio

Midjourney alpha website setting

Let’s see how to use the new “Change AR” to change the aspect ratio of images.

Step 1: Select “Change AR”

After generating an image, select “Change AR” from the menu 

You will be able to access a pop-up where you can change the aspect ratio of the image with the dragging bar. 

Step 2: Select a spot to start

There will be three buttons that allow you to choose where to extend your image from “Start, Center, or End”. 

Step 3: Darg to adjust the ratio

The bar below allows you to drag freely to adjust the ratio.

Drag to adjust the ratio on Midjourney alpha website

Here is the result. The outpainting has just improved so much! 

A change to aspect ratio to image on Midjourney Website

👉🏻 Next Midjourney Website Version:

  • Social: There will be more social features, allowing users to share and engage with Midjourney creations in new ways.

  • Educational Resources: For new users, educational resources and onboarding tools will be added soon to help them get the most out of Midjourney’s advanced AI capabilities.

A futuristic boy

More Recent Update

Here are some recent updates last week from Midjourney

1. Consistent Style with “Style References”

Style References” allows you to specify one or more reference images that define the aesthetic you want Midjourney to maintain across your generated images

2. Niji 6

Niji V6 has a different aesthetic and improved prompt understanding! The most exciting thing is that it can now generate simple text just like Midjourney V6!

📅 Vary region will be coming soon for Niji 6, probably next week 

Anime girl smiling


👉🏻What’s More? 

Video 🎥

Unlike other video AI, Midjourney aims for visual excellence by default. After months of refinement, this new modality will emerge unlike anything seen before.


The Midjourney team is already planning far ahead for version 7 of the platform in the coming months. 

Planned v7 improvements include better text and improved pixel image quality, coherence and prompting 


Master Midjourney 2024

👉🏻Passive Income with AI art: Master Midjourney 🎨

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This is your ticket to passive income with AI art.💰- “Master Midjourney 2024: Beginner to Pro” digital guide.

It comes with:

  • 🎨 1,000+ money-making prompts for stunning, sellable art

  • 💡 Advanced Midjourney prompt writing, structure and techniques

  • 🖼 Specialized commercial guidance for graphic design, branding, logo, UI, photography, mockup and more

  • 🚀 Insider tips to maximize profits

  • 💰 AI Arts Monetisation Strategies

  • 💼 Top AI tools to edit Midjourney creations

📚 Continuous education

This guide is designed for continuous education, new tutorials are added regularly so you stay ahead. With lifetime access for a single purchase, it’s the gift that keeps giving.

I’ve poured my heart into creating this guide. I hope you enjoy it ❤️

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