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Midjourney V6 Upgrade Coming with Better Text Generation and Inpainting🔥

Midjourney is preparing to kick off 2024 with a significant upgrade set to be released next week.

This new iteration promises noticeable improvements, including image quality, language comprehension, photorealism and text rendering. Following the major upgrade, expect to see the highly anticipated inpainting and outpainting features.

Highlights of Midjourney V6

The new V6 alpha model has several major upgrades from V5. This model can generate much more realistic imagery than any previous release and comes with:

  • Better Text Generation

  • Improved Upscaling

  • More Photorealistic and Detailed image generation

  • Improved Coherence

  • Better Language Understanding

Midjourney V6 Upgrade🔥

After refinements, v6 will become the default Midjourney model later this month. Key features like inpainting and outpainting will arrive as well.

January 2024 🎨

The first major upgrade for V6 is set to arrive next week. This significant update will address existing issues based on user feedback gathered from V6 Alpha.

Midjourney V6 will undergo numerous enhancements, including:

  • Better Text Generation

  • Improve Image Quality

  • The --stylize parameter will work better at high stylize values

  • Better Prompting and Coherence

  • Optimizations for improved performance and cost efficiency

The upgrades are expected to be rolled out gradually, starting next week and continuing until the end of January.

Major features after the first upgrade 🎨

After the major upgrade, expect to see the following features coming gradually:

  • Outpainting — Pan & Zoom

  • Inpainting — Vary (Region) - this may take longer to release due to coordination challenges with remote teams across time zones.

  • Redo Style Tuner — This will be a completely new style tuner compared to the previous version 5 one which was considered to be an experiment.

Website Upgrade

The website aims to evolve into a hub for Midjourney fans, with David emphasizing the goal of transforming Midjourney into a community rather than just a tool.An upcoming website upgrade is set to be released next week, featuring the:

  • Addition of folders

  • Improved filters

  • An updated archive page

  • Social features ( expected to fully available by the end of January)

Users will be encouraged to rate images on the front page of the gallery, and further polishing of the website is planned for February.


Niji 6 🎎

Niji 6 is set to be released next week!🥳

Last year, we have seen exciting updates to the Niji style in May, followed by a launch of the Niji App and Niji Style Tuner. I can’t wait to see the new aesthetics Niji 6 will bring us.

Video 🎥

Unlike other video AI, Midjourney aims for visual excellence by default. After months of more refinement, this new modality will emerge unlike anything seen before.

Style Consistency 🎨

Post-V6, MidJourney will focus on style consistency, bringing forth a new Style Tuner to ensure consistent styles across prompts

This will enable generating multiple images of the same subject while retaining identity and attributes. Style consistency will come before character consistency

Estimated Release: Q1 2024

Midjourney 2024 Vision- “Holodeck”🔥

David envisions the development of an open real-time virtual world, akin to the “Holodeck” in Star Trek, by the end of 2024.

The term “Holodeck” is derived from the Star Trek universe and describes a fictional device that uses holographic technology to create an immersive, interactive, three-dimensional simulation of a real or imagined setting. Participants can freely interact with the environment, objects, characters, and even engage with predefined narratives.

The objective is to develop real-time video technology that can create a world similar to a holodeck, enabling participants to freely interact with the simulated environment, its objects, and characters.

Final Thoughts

Midjourney’s roadmap sets an ambitious vision for the future, with major revamps every 3–4 months. New modalities like video generation are already in the works too.

Hope you have a great time exploring with the V6 alpha version this new year! I am so excited for the final v6! 🥳

👉🏻Digital Guide: Master Midjourney 🎨🚀

If you want to enhance your skills and explore advanced techniques for creating captivating AI Art with Midjourney, I have created a “Master Midjourney: Beginner to Pro” digital guide.

It comes with:

  • 🎨 1,000+ expert prompts to inspire your creativity

  • 💡 Advanced Midjourney prompt writing, structure and core techniques

  • 🖼 Specialized commercial guidance for graphic design, branding, logo, UI, photography, mockup and more

  • 🚀 Pro tips to recreate styles, make avatars, generate anime artwork, and more

  • 💰 AI Arts Monetisation Strategies

  • 💼 Top AI tools to edit Midjourney creations

📚 Continuous education

This guide is designed for continuous education, new tutorials are added regularly so you stay ahead. With lifetime access for a single purchase, it’s the gift that keeps giving.

I’ve poured my heart into creating this guide. I hope you enjoy it ❤️

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