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Midjourney V6 “Style Random” 🔥🎨 Explore Various Aesthetics and Styles!

Exciting News! Midjourney “Style Random” has arrived! Midjourney is experimenting with new algorithms to “explore the latent space of visual styles” and has created a simple and fun tool for everyone to play with today!

Today, I will teach you how to use Style Random to explore new visuals and most importantly, replicate your preferred style easily!

Chibi pikachiu in different style

Part One: What is Style Random

Style random allows you to explore different styles and new visuals to inspire you.

  • 👉🏻 Use: Type --sref random after your prompt

  • 📝 Format: /imagine text prompt --sref random

  • 🖼️ Compatibility: Works for both Midjournvey V6 and Niji 6


Part Two: How to Use --sref random

You can now type --sref random after your prompts and get a random style every time.

A 3D cute fat chibi pikachiu character design--sref random

Text prompt of Mijdourney

16 Random Styles

I kept on re-runing the prompt 16 times and here are 16 random styles of Pikachu!

Pikachiu in 16 styles

If you are working on the website, you can click “Rerun” to repeat the prompt.

Rerun prompt on Mijdourney website


Part Three: Replicate Your Preferred Style

As you explore various random styles, and find a style you like, you can replicate an art style with “Style Reference

Reference image of Pikachiu and create a new image of spiderman

📌 What is Style Reference

It allow you to generate a new image that visually ‘matches’ the aesthetics of a reference image using --sref url with the url to the image


How to Replicate Your Preferred Style

Step One: Get the URL

Get the URL of the image you like

Step Two: Prompt with Style Reference

Type your prompt. Use --sref urlwith the URL to the image to get more of it.

Here you go! A chibi Mickey Mouse

Text prompt on Midjourney website

Chibi Micky Mouse character

And one more Spiderman for you! Enjoy and have fun with the NEW “Style Random”!

Chibi Spiderman character

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