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Midjourney V6. Inpainting and Outpainting is Here with A New Pan Feature🔥

Hey everyone, welcome back to our weekly Midjourney office hours update!

The wait is over! Inpainting, Zoom and Pan have just been launched to Midjourneu V.6. The new upgraded pan feature is better at keeping image coherence!

Another Exciting news coming your way next week — get ready for the much-anticipated “Niji 6 and Style Consistency”!

Let’s get into the details!

Zodia sign owl, dark cyan and amber

Midjourney V6 Alpha Upgrade🔥

After refinements, v6 will become the default Midjourney model later this month. The much-anticipated features: Inpainting and Outpainting (Zoom and Pan) have arrived!

Inpainting and Outpainting is Here🎨

These beloved long-awaited capabilities: inpainting, pan, and zoom-out have arrived!

  • Vary Region(Inpainting): Enable removing unwanted elements or changing parts of an image.

  • Zoom Out: Provides greater control over cropping and perspective (1.5 / 2 / Custom).

  • Pan: Extend your image in four different directions

These options are now available under V6 Bot Upscale:

Midjourney  V6 Bot Upscale

New Pan Feature ⭐️

The old Pan increased resolution when panning sideways but often caused concept repetition and loss of coherence. It aimed more at storyboarding usage.

New pan to keep image resolution and coherence, mimicking zoom functionality.

The New Pan Works more like Zoom with:

  • More coherence & less repetition of concepts

  • Pan now works with upscale/vary/remix but doesn’t infinitely increase resolution anymore.

  • Preserve the quality and seamlessly reframe the scene when panning.

  • Easier to use: Straightforward left-right-up-down sliding without compromising image integrity.

  • Users can also upscale post-panning

Use cases like extending a character’s body vertically now work smoothly.

Midjourney V6 new pan feature

Overall, this rebuilt Pan aims for greatly increased ease of use via intuitive operation like Zoom.

Holographic pattern light blue and light pink

Coming Next Week 🚀

Upcoming, expect to see

  1. Style Reference: A new style consistency feature

  2. Niji 6: For anime

  3. A new /describe

1. Style Reference

Style consistency that maintains aesthetics across prompts will be landing soon. Character consistency follows afterward.

  • Replicate a Style: It will function similarly to an image prompt, but instead of replicating the content, it will replicate the style.

  • The release of style tuners is upcoming, and testing for style references will begin soon.

Holographic swirl pattern with a hand in the middle

2. Niji 6

Niji 6 is currently in the final testing and tuning phase. It will be rolled out next Monday!

Initially, it may not support drawing text due to the complexity involved with multiple languages.

3. New /describe

The new /describe feature is currently in development and might be available as early as next week if successful.

Surreal dreamy girl

Character Consistency 🎨

The consistent character system is currently in development, with upcoming plans for:

  • Initial Trial: Simpler versions to be attempted first

  • Release Balancing: Early releases are balanced with potential future changes and version management

Translucent Computer in dreamy landscape

Alpha Midjourney Website Enhancement 💻

The website has been updated to provide a user-friendly and welcoming experience, especially for new users.

The new version focuses on simplifying the Explore and Create pages.

Creation Page

  • Set for wider release, with feature completion, design harmonization, and user onboarding stages.

Explore Page

  • Improvements to algorithms for more diverse and appropriate content curation.

  • Increase in tab: Random/ Hot/ Top/ Likes

Midjourney alpha website explore page

Achieve Page

  • New Interaction Panel: Making interaction simple and convenient with “upscale, vary and reusing prompts easier.”

  • Given the upgrade to V6, you now have the option to Pan and Zoom as well.

Midjourney alpha website achieve page

Website Alpha launches to More Users this week! 📅

The MidJourney Alpha website is now accessible to users with 5K+ generations.

The focus for February revolves around refining the website and the potential for a public launch in late February or March.

Goals include

  • Simplicity

  • Consistency

  • Welcoming new users

A blue and pink crystalline computer in the middle, with a blue and pink pattern, in the style of vray tracing, flowing draperies, made of liquid metal,chrome-plated, gradient background

New /feedback function 📝

  • Type /feedback in your prompt box and a pop up will come out

  • This lets you submit your top priorities for Midjourney to work on

  • You can rate other people’s priorities too

  • The date will be used to help engineers figure out what to focus on

  • Cool visualizations of the data will be shown next week!

Note: Update your priorities any time a new feature is launched (like with the new vary region launch above)

Midjourney feedback feature


New Style Tuner 🎨

A New Style Tuner will be released in February.

The upcoming version of Style Tuner will differ significantly from the current one. A New Tuner optimized specifically for V6 will also be created, as the V5 Style Tuner won’t be compatible.

A holographic abstract shape in light blue and light pink

Performance and Quality Improvements 🚀

  • Speed Increase: V6 optimizations anticipated

  • Upscale Feature Evaluation: Potential enhancements under review

  • Training Algorithm Enhancement: New “/describe” algorithm aims to boost image accuracy

  • GPU Shortage Management: Ensuring service quality for current user base

Video 🎥

Video generation is in active development

The initial video features are nearing release in a basic version. These features will likely be limited and may be connected to an image upscaler, with minimal control available to the user.

V6 may soon become the default, and there are considerations for additional updates or a potential transition to V7.

Surreal dreamy space with pastel color

👉🏻Passive Income with AI Art: Master Midjourney 🎨

Don’t Get Left Behind in the AI Art Gold Rush of 2024! This is your ticket to passive income with AI art.💰

It comes with:

  • 🎨 1,000+ money-making prompts for stunning, sellable art

  • 💡 Advanced Midjourney prompt writing, structure and techniques

  • 🖼 Specialized commercial guidance for graphic design, branding, logo, UI, photography, mockup and more

  • 🚀 Insider tips to maximize profits

  • 💰 AI Arts Monetisation Strategies

  • 💼 Top AI tools to edit Midjourney creations

📚 Continuous education

This guide is designed for continuous education, new tutorials are added regularly so you stay ahead. With lifetime access for a single purchase, it’s the gift that keeps giving.

I’ve poured my heart into creating this guide. I hope you enjoy it ❤️

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