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Midjourney "Creative Rooms" is now Opened to the 1K Club 🎨

Quick Update! Midjourney just opened an early test of our “Creation Rooms” on the web today to the 1K Club, all users who have made more than 1,000 images with Midjourney.

After watching a small number of rooms for a bit, Midjourney will open up creating rooms on your own!

Isometric building flowers and plants, Jon Klassen style, boho watercolor, dreamy pastel color palette

Midjourney Rooms

⭐️ A new collaborative playground

Midjourney just upgraded the web-based ‘group creation rooms’ and are opening it up to everyone who has at least 1000 images.

New ways to share and engage with Midjourney creations

  • 🎨 Innovative Collaboration: Real-time platform for interactive problem-solving and creative idea sharing.

  • 🎨 Open Environment: Users can share images, ask questions, and receive immediate feedback.

Midjourney Rooms

⭐️ Cool Features in Rooms:

  • Text chat and voice chat

  • Text is separated from images so creation doesn’t affect the chat

  • Drag images into chat to talk about them

  • Resize the chat/image columns by hovering and then dragging on the space in between them

Rooms on Midjourney website

  • You can make images together, see only your own, or view images that the room has liked (filter buttons on top)

Rooms on Midjourney website

To use the Room, visit the testing website at

Note: If you have at least 1k test images this link should take you there, if not you will be able to get access in the coming week .

Translucent rooms with people walking around

👉🏻 Upcoming Plans Around Rooms

After watching a small number of rooms for a bit, Midjourney will open up creating rooms on your own

1. Room plans

  • AI noise-cancellation technology may be implemented for voice chat, adding more rooms, and expanding access to those rooms.

  • There may be more rooms if one gets too crowded

📆 Hopefully this week

2. High-Level Plans

  • The team plans to make it so anyone can create both public and private creation rooms on the website

  • There will be a lobby of public rooms and the ability to directly link to private rooms

3. Future Potential

Promising themed and private rooms for more tailored collaboration.

Creative translucent rooms

My Thoughts

Unlike Discord, you can easily like, save and reuse other people’s prompts and create variations of them in real-time. Public rooms are ideal for social interaction, collaboration and brainstorming ideas, while private rooms are useful for team collaboration, especially in a work environment.

I am excited to create a room where we can all interact and share ideas.

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