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How to Make Money Selling Midjourney AI Art on Wirestock (Step-by-Step Guide)

With the increasing demand for AI-generated content, there is a growing market for these unique and innovative images.

To make money selling Midjourney AI images, you can explore various platforms like stock photography websites or digital marketplaces which is always time-consuming and involves tedious procedures.

Today, I will introduce you to a platform that provides you with one-door access to several stock marketplaces and monetizes your content easilyWirestock.

What is Wirestock?

For people wanting to sell AI-generated art, Wirestock offers AI artists and visual creators a platform to exhibit, connect with potential buyers and monetize their creations within the digital domain.

They provide creators with a single gateway to the most extensive marketplaces available, including

  • Adobe Stock

  • Alamy

  • iStock

  • Dreamstime

  • Depositphotos

  • 123RF

  • Freepik

All you need to do is upload once and sell on multiple platforms.

Wirestock offers a platform to sell across multiple marketplaces with a single upload.

In this article, I will provide a step-by-step guide to utilizing Wirestock to make money selling AI images and more!

Why use Wirestock?

With Wirestock, you:

  • Upload once, sell everywhere — Submit your artwork to Wirestock and they distribute to all connected marketplaces automatically.

  • Access a professional portfolio — Get your own slick online portfolio to showcase works and attract buyers.

  • Streamline with Discord — Integrated Midjourney bot makes prompt-generating and upscaling a breeze.

  • Earn rewards — Win challenges and claim monetary prizes for your creations.

As an all-in-one solution for both creating and selling AI art, Wirestock is the easiest way to profit from your Midjourney skills.

👉🏻 Have a free trial and upgrade as you need!

🌟 Use my code “ CHRISTIE” for 20% OFF as you upgrade

How to Make Money with Wirestock?

👉🏻 Begin by creating an account on Wirestock.

Once your account is set up, follow these steps:

Step 1: Upload your AI Images

Click on “Upload” to add your images from your folder.

You can upload multiple photos simultaneously and then fine-tune the details individually.

Wirestock Upload page

Step 2: Add details

After uploading the photos, input details of your image and add your prompt if you want to sell your prompt as well.

When you select the “Easy” panel, Wirestock will take care of the product tags and categories for you, optimizing your selling progress.

Wirestock details setting page

Step 3: Post

Select “Post” and your image will be sent under review. You can browse your collection and check the status in your “Portfolio”.

Step 4: Categorize your artwork

You can categorize your work by creating collections.

Create a new collection by selecting the ”+” sign located in the lower right corner of your image. Name your collection and enter a description and you are good to go.

Wirestock create collection

Step 5: Start Selling

Once your images are approved for the marketplace, they’re ready for sale. Check your sales through the “Dashboard” at any time.

📌 Selling Tips

For successful AI artwork sales, consider these helpful tips:

  1. Research your market

  2. Select the suitable platform

  3. Optimize for search engines

  4. Connect with potential buyers

  5. Ensure legal compliance

Wirepicks newsletter

🌟 Wirestock send a weekly Wirepicks newsletter on Mondays highlighting trendy top-selling topics that people can create to maximize their chances of getting sales.

In addition to selling your creations on stock marketplaces, there’s another two more way to earn through Wirestock!

💰1. Participate in Challenges: Win Cash Rewards

Every week, there are new “Creative Challenges” centered around specific themes, offering you the opportunity to submit your images.

✨The top three participants will receive a monetary prize. The award amount varied by the challenge.

💰 Monetary prices can be over $100 and more

Wirestock Challenge

Once you’ve uploaded your image as described earlier, you can simultaneously submit it to challenges and put it up for sale.

Simply pick the challenge you’re entering from the side panel. You’ll find specific rules and suggestions for each challenge on its dedicated page.

Wirestock Challenges

💰2. Sell AI Prompts

Monetize your AI art prompts by offering them for sale on Wirestock’s marketplace and your portfolio.

When you include your prompt during submission or use Wirestock’s Discord bot, your image will be instantly listed for sale along with the provided prompt.

As you can see, Wirestock makes monetizing your Midjourney artwork easy with its seamless distribution to top stock image marketplaces.

So why wait? Sign Up for your free Wirestock account today and start submitting those imaginative AI images!

🌟 New Feature: Wirestock Discord Bot

Recently, Wirestock introduced a Discord bot to simplify the process even further. It allows you to send Midjourney-generated images directly from Discord to Wirestock for easy upscaling and posting.

Wirestock Discord Bot

How to Use Wirestock Bot on Discord

To start using the bot, you will need to connect your Wirestock account to Discord. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Add Wirestock Bot to your server

Add the Wirestock bot to your Discord account with this link.

Wirestock Discord Bot Connect

Authorize Wirestock Bot to your server

Wirestock Bot Authorisation

Step 2: Link your Discord Account with Wirestock

To link your Wirestock account with Discord, you will need to log in to Discord by inputting the command “/login”.

This will prompt the bot to request your Discord “token”.

Wirestock Token

📌 Where to Find Your Token?You can locate your unique token from your Wirestock account by heading over “Account Settings”.

Copy and paste your token into Discord and press enter and you will receive a confirmation message.

Wirestock log in message

Step 3: Generate an Image

After connecting your account, you can start generating images, as usual, using the “/imagine” command.

Step 4: Upscale Midjourney Images and Send to Wirestock

Click the “…” icon adjacent to the Midjourney-created image, access “Apps,” and select “Upscale”

Wirestock Discord Bot Upscale Option

Progress Status: The Wirestock bot will send you a message with a link once the image has been successfully upscaled.

You will be given the option to publish it on Wirestock or participate in their creative challenges.

It’s just so easy and time-saving!

Wirestock discord bot interaction

Common Questions

📝 Is it legal to sell Midjourney-generated AI Art?

Midjourney allows paid users to utilize the images created by their platform for commercial use.

Please note that it’s important to ensure that it does not violate existing copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights.Laws concerning the commercial use of AI-generated content differ across countries and regions.

📝Are there charges or percentages for selling AI art on Wirestock?

When selling from your portfolio, Wirestock takes a 35% commission, reduced to 3% for premium users. For sales through marketplaces, the commission remains a flat 15%.

📝 Do I have to give up my content tights?

Absolutely not. You’ll retain full ownership of your content forever.

📝 Which marketplaces, agencies, and collaborators do Wirestock collaborate with?

Wirestock partners with Shutterstock, Adobe, Alamy, Getty Images, iStock, Dreamstime, Pond5, Depositphotos, 123RF, and Freepik.

Additionally, Wirestock also licenses content directly to businesses like brands, marketing agencies, and creative studios through Extra Channels.

Money on surreal dreamy land

Pricing Plan

Non-premium users have the opportunity to submit 5 images or videos for marketplaces or challenges as a one-time offer.

The premium plan unlocks more features including:

  • Monetize your Themes

  • Expanded presence — Get 200 monthly marketplace and challenge submissions

  • Generate 1000 AI images monthly

  • Unlimited Image upscaling

  • Reimagine: Create new versions of your images

  • Image Mixer: Blend any two images to create new content

  • Face Swapping: Seamlessly change faces on any image

👉🏻 Have a free trial and upgrade as you need!

🌟 Use my code “ CHRISTIE” for 20% OFF as you upgrade

Wirestock Pricing plan

Final Thoughts

With Wirestock, you can sell AI images easily across several stock marketplaces. You can even send your content directly from Discord which is, time-saving and streamlining your workflow.

So, what’s our current stance regarding AI artwork in society? The idea is still very much in its early stages, with numerous further advancements ahead.

For artists, the key is to maintain an open perspective and welcome these transformations. Infusing artificial intelligence into your creative journey can yield unexpected outcomes.

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