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20+ Incredible Midjourney Prompts You Must Try!

Midjourney is an AI art generator that is taking the creative world by storm. Using text prompts, you can generate stunning original images, opening up new possibilities for beginners and experts alike.

But as a Midjourney beginner, where do you start? I noticed that many of you are just starting and learning AI-generated art or Midjourney. Don’t worry if you’re confused about how to create a strong prompt — I am here to help!

In this post, I’ll share 20 incredible prompts to boost your creativity and art skills.

 20 Incredible Midjourny Prompts

Today, I will share with you 20+ fantastic prompts with various art styles, effects, and tricks to get your creative juice flowing.

Read till the end for some extra tips.

With practice, you’ll be creating stunning AI art in no time!

Let’s dive right in and experiment together!

1. Phantasmal Iridescent

Phantasmal Iridescent is a term used to describe a range of colors that are believed to have a magical or spiritual significance and are often associated with the supernatural or the divine

Prompt: Phantasmal iridescent coffee machine

This is great for product and architectural design. I am also thinking of creating an article for product design. If you have any ideas, feel free to comment and let me know.

2. Translucent

It features semi-transparent subjects and objects that allow light to pass through diffusely, creating a soft, hazy, dreamlike quality.

Prompt: Translucent vehicle

3. Holographic

With the illusion of a 3D floating image seemingly projected by lasers, featuring vibrant rainbow diffractions and transparent, multidimensional subjects.

Prompt: Holographic, A fox, sleek glass material, transparent, cinematic lighting, white background, pink and blue

4. Ethereal

Extremely delicate, light, not of this earth. Airy, celestial, sublime

Prompt: A fox sitting in the fluffy cloud, ethereal layer of pastel clouds, delicate, airy

5. Egg Shaped

Who can resist a round, fat and cute animal.

Prompt: A 3D egg shaped fluffy fat cute cat, in white and brown, dreamy color palette, soft lighting

6. Surreal Fantasy

Having an unreal, dream-like quality. Combining unlikely or impossible elements.

Prompt: Jellyfish as a hot air balloon, surreal fantasy

7. Bioluminescent

Characterized by the production and emission of light by living organisms. Often featuring vivid neon colors, glowing landscapes, and lighting effects.

Prompt: Bioluminescent deep sea jellyfish, low poly, 3D rendering

8. X-Ray

Revealing inner layers and internal structures as if seen through an x-ray, often accentuating bones, organs, or mechanical parts.

Prompt: X-ray diagram of a dinosaur, studio lighting

9. Hologram

A 3D image floating in space seemingly projected by lasers, with transparent and multi-dimensional qualities.

Prompt: Hologram of Paris tower

10. Blacklight

Blacklight is an artistic effect that you see under ultraviolet light.

Prompt: Blacklight planet in the galaxy, fancy dreamy

11. Knolling

Knolling is an amazing art form that involves taking various items and arranging them in a neat 90-degree formation.

Prompt: Knolling of solar system

12. 3D loop

An amazing way to liven up 3D objects! They create a seamless, looped image when applied, adding a vivid effect and depth to your artwork.

Prompt: A 3D loop mountain print, dreamy color

13. Matrix Raining Code

Matrix Digital Rain is an iconic part of the Matrix franchise. As a representation of the simulated reality world of the Matrix, this falling code has become extremely popular in kinetic typography.

Prompt: Matrix raining code, digits, spiderman

14. Futuristic

An artistic style that emphasizes dynamism, speed, technology and youth.

Prompt: Futuristic artificial intelligence

15. Cyberpunk style

A futuristic style that combines lowlife and high tech. It adds a cinematic effect to your image

Prompt: Fox in a cyberpunk style

16. Mechanic

It offers an industrial, machine-oriented aesthetic incorporating cogs, gears, pipes, wires, robotics, and other mechanical elements. Usually comes with a grungy metallic color palette.

Prompt: Mechanic birds in futuristic landscapes

17. Steampunk

Retro-futuristic, incorporating steam power and fantastical mechanical technology.

Prompt: Steampunk schnauzer meni

18. Diagrammatic Drawing

Diagrams offer an efficient way of expressing ideas visually. They generally show two-dimensional objects and include shapes, lines and text to depict complex ideas in a simplified way.

Prompt: Diagramatic drawing of the structure of London Bridge

19. Stained Glass

Stained glass is an amazing art form — it uses colored glass to craft beautiful windows and other decorative items that let light pour in.

Prompt: Stained glass window of a wolf in the mountain

20. Double Exposure

Double exposure is a fantastic technique to mix two different photos into one unique, eye-catching image.

Prompt: Double exposure of a bear and a mountain, natural scenery, watercolor art

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